Frequently Asked Questions for the 2021-2022 School Year

Where are menus posted?

Menus are posted by the beginning of the month at You can sign up to have these menus emailed to you. School menus are also posted in your child's cafeteria.

What do I do if I cannot afford to give my child money to purchase meals?

Meals for the 2021-2022 school year are free for all studetns whether they learn in school or virtually. Any additional money you provide your child can be used for a la carte foods or extra food.

Can my child just buy milk?

Milk, either 1% white milk or fat free chocolate milk, can be purchased separately for $0.60. If a child receives free or reduced price meals, they MUST take a complete breakfast or lunch in order to get milk at no additional cost. If a child receives free or reduced price breakfast and lunch but decides he/she only wants milk and no meal, they will be charged $0.60 for the milk. Milk automatically comes with breakfast or lunch when your child gets a complete meal; however, a child can also choose to get a meal and refuse to take the milk.  

What process does my child go through to get breakfast or lunch? 

When your child arrives to the cafeteria for breakfast or lunch, they will enter the serving line area, they will select the food they want and move toward the cashier. Every student is assigned a PIN (a 4-5 digit code for elementary students or the student ID # for middle and high schools students) prior to their first day of school. The breakfast and lunch lines move quicker if students learn their PIN as soon as they are able; however, the cashier can look students up by classroom or last name if they are unsure of their PIN. If you choose to give your student money for extra food beyond the free breakfast and lunch that are provided, you can load money to their account their account so there may not be any cash exchanged at the cash register. When the cashier is finished, they will dismiss the student to the cafeteria so the student can sit and eat. 

What happens if we have inclement weather?

When schools are delayed one or two hours, breakfast will be served.

When schools are delayed and then closed, and students have arrived to attend school-based daycare, the daycare is solely responsible for student meals.

FCPS has an inclement weather protocol if school is closed for 3 consecutive days due to inclement weather. 

What happens if my check is returned for non-sufficient funds?

If a check that you have written to the school cafeteria as payment for your child’s meals is returned for any reason, the face amount of the check will be resubmitted electronically by Solveras/PAYTEK check recovery, along with a state-allowed fee.

When you pay for your child’s meals by check, you authorize FCPS Food and Nutrition Services department and Solveras/PAYTEK to electronically debit your bank account for the amount owed up to and including any additional fee allowed by law if the check is returned unpaid for any reason. Please contact Food and Nutrition Services if you have questions.

Do any of the foods contain peanuts or tree nuts?

None of our foods at breakfast, lunch, snack or supper (including a la carte items sold during breakfast, lunch or supper) contain peanuts or tree nuts as an ingredient. However, we do serve foods that are manufactured or processed in facilities that also manufacture or process foods with peanuts or tree nuts. Food companies use strict practices to clean and sanitize their equipment when foods are processed on shared equipment. Substitutes for students with allergies are available. 

What if my child has a food allergy or special dietary restriction?

FCPS has procedures to accommodate children with sensitivities/disabilities. Parents must provide the school food service personnel with a signed statement from an approved medical professional. The from or statement should include all the following:

  • Identification of the medical or other special dietary condition that restricts the child's diet
  • Food(s) to be omitted from the child's diet
  • Food(s) to be substituted

We will make substitutions for students who have an impairment that limits a major life activity, or are unable to consume a food item(s) for medical or other special dietary need reasons, with written medical authorization.

Children who require changes to the basic meal are required to provide written documentation from a licensed physician or medical caregiver stating the modification that needs to be made. Please contact Food and Nutrition Services if you have questions.